The following are testimonials offered by past patients.


“For years, I have searched for answers in regards to my health. ᅠI felt that I was often given a pill or rushed away to make time for other patients at other offices. ᅠDr. Grace Charles has been unlike any other health care professional I have seen. ᅠDr. Grace has always taken the time to see me as an entire person and not just a ‘condition’ or ‘symptom.’ ᅠI have always felt open and honest in explaining my health because I feel that I've finally gotten answers that allow me to move forward and be ME. ᅠDr. Grace is intelligent, helpful and very personable. ᅠWithout a doubt, Dr. Grace is highly qualified and essential in empowering others in living healthy and happy lives.”

-Kristi M.


I started to see Dr. Charles in the midst of a highly-anxious time period in my life. Within one to two visits, Dr. Charles had created an acupuncture treatment plan that began to ease my anxiety and help me to better function day-to-day. She truly focuses on the WHOLE person, rather than merely treating conditions. Dr. Charles truly is a fantastic naturopathic doctor, and I highly recommend her services!


–Haley C.

“Dr.  Charles is the kindest, most intuitive, and coolest doctor that I have ever known, and I was very fortunate to have found her when I did.  She helped me get my health and normalcy back, and for that I will be eternally grateful.  Dr.  Charles cares about her patients and has always given me the attention I required.  She is a special person who embodies what it means to truly be a health care provider.”

–Camille L.



"I really appreciate all that Dr. Charles have done for me and all that I've learned from her about naturopathic healthcare.ᅠ I really think it is the medical care of the future.ᅠ She is very caring and understanding which ᅠis so important to a patient."

–Kate D.


“I think I'm on the road to the recovery on so many levels now, and I believe it all began from the moment I sought out naturopathic medicine with Dr. Charles.”

–Angelique S.


"Dr. Charles's training and expertise allows her to hone in on my symptoms and prescribe care plans and protocols I am able to easily follow through with.  Dr. Charles always works with my particular situation and life circumstances, which allows me ease of continuity of care.  When I look back at my progress, I can't believe how far I've come with her help.  Thank you Dr. Charles for such amazing and transformative patient care!"

–Karen M.


“My first visit to Springs Natural Medicine with Dr. Charles was January 2014.  I was very sick with the flu.  I was treated at the ER and given a bunch of medicine that didn't help very much.  I had always wanted to go to a natural doctor and thought now would be the best time to go.  Dr. Charles was very comforting and convincing to me that day.  She took her time to explain how my body works and then gave me acupuncture!  Before I left she gave me some homeopathic medicine.  I got home and took the medicine she had recommended and literally started feeling better the next day.  Dr. Charles assured me that we would build up my immune system and get me on track to becoming healthy!!  I went to see Dr. Charles regularly and she helped me to rebuild my immune system through acupuncture and supplements.  She also stressed how important eating right and exercise plays a key role!!  I also loved the fact that if I had a question she was just an email away and would get back to you quickly!!  I will truly miss seeing Dr. Charles for my wellness journey and know that any patient she comes across will truly experience her passion for natural medicine as I did!!”

–Kimberli O.


“Thanks to Dr. Charles for introducing me to the program.  It really opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition and balancing food as a fuel for my body.  After years of diligently counting calories and only eating non fat and low fat foods, I never realized how I was depriving my body of nutrients and showering it was sugar and unnecessary chemicals with little or no nutritional value. ᅠDr. Charles's program acquainted me with the knowledge and understanding of a better more efficient way to healthy diet and nutrition.”

–Barbara R.


When I first came to Dr. Charles I was desperate, desperate just to feel better, to feel like myself again.  I had been to several doctors who would only tell me they could find nothing wrong with me.  I became frustrated thinking I must be crazy or over reacting to my symptoms.  For the first time in many years I felt as if I had someone who was really listening to me. She was thoughtful, she was kind and with her great smile and wonderful knowledge she has led me to a place where I feel in charge of my health. I am now confident that I will become stronger everyday.  She is my friend as well as my guide in my journey to live a long, strong and healthy life. Thank you Dr. Charles for being there for me when no one else would.


–Patti P.

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